Beginner Resources

Welcome to the wonderful world of Netrunner! We have decided to collect a few resources for newer players below in the hopes that you find them helpful. Please to enjoy.

Beginner Focused Podcast Episode

We have done a couple of beginner focused episodes. Both of which are (hopefully) a good entry to the game.

Episode 19: Extra Credits

Episode 39: Core, Blimey!

Our friends at Terminal7 have also done this episode for newer player.

Episode 8: Eventually Your Breathing Will Stop

Beginner Decks

To help newer players get into the game we did an episode about decks you can create with one Core Set and a few extra packs. Ideal for people who want to expand their collection but don't know where to start.

Episode 63: One Core Une Fois

The rules of the decks were:
  • Build a runner and a corp deck using 1 Core Set and either:
    • 1 Deluxe Expansion and 2 Data Packs
    • 4 Data Packs
  • Jackson Howard and Plascrete Carapace can be proxied.
  • The decks do not have to be Most Wanted List legal.
Below are the decks that we build along with extra ones provided by some very lovely Netrunner. For more details on how to play the decks check out the episode.

Eady's Whizzard and Titan Transnational Decks 

Order and Chaos, Trace Amount, What Lies Ahead

Chris' Kate and NBN Making News Decks

Creation and Control, Future Proof and True Colors

Krystian's Gabe and HB Engineering the Future Decks 

What Lies Ahead, Cyber Exodus, Humanity’s Shadow and Future Proof

Nels' Silhouette and Jinteki Replicating Perfection Decks

Honour & Profit, Trace Amount and Mala Tempora

Jesse's Edward Kim and Gagarin Deep Space Decks 

Order & Chaos, Khala Ghoda and Universe of Tomorrow


Tim Bunn's Ken Tenma and Jinteki Personal Evolution Decks!

Honor and Profit, Trace Amount and Future Proof

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